Monday, August 7, 2017

Teaching Demonstration#3

Teaching Demonstration#3

  • 25-40 minute lesson demonstration
  • Same Criteria as TD#1 & #2 Complete List below  
  • Demonstration should include opening, closing, all instructions, and at least one activity
  • Must be somewhat unique within your TTP class
  • Sources: Overseas Experience, classmates' Teaching Demonstrations, Upcoming Semester Needs
  • Planning Time: August 1~10
  • Demonstrations: August 11~18
  • Teaching Demonstration Lesson Plan (make a copy and save in your Teaching Demonstration Folder)


Lesson Design & Overview
  • Easy to follow overview and procedure
  • Concise, measurable objectives
  • Appropriate content for target learners
  • Includes differentiation (addresses learners of different levels)
  • Materials are authentic and/or engaging
  • Materials can be easily found or replicated by others
  • Lesson includes appropriate assessment
  • The lesson includes innovation or experimentation

Teaching Delivery
  • Started and finished the lesson in an engaging way
  • Clarity and efficiency of giving instructions and presenting presenting information
  • Transitioned smoothly from one part of the lesson to another
  • Use of voice - audible, clear, engaging
  • Smooth, effective use of classroom English
  • Checks for understanding (including ICQ & CCQ)
  • Kept student attention throughout
  • Classroom management, keeping students on task
  • Appropriate tIme management and pacing
  • Appeared prepared and knowledgeable
  • Physical Presence:
               eye contact, gestures, posture, body movement
  • Showed confidence and/or charisma

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