Monday, March 13, 2017

Teaching Workshop - Preparing for the first mini-presentation

Your Task: Find a specific aspect of teaching that you’d like to workshop.  This can be...

  • A Lesson Component - (e.g. start with a Bang!, engaging review, giving directions)
  • A Method  -  (e.g. speaking jigsaw, flipped classroom, fluency writing)
  • A Tool/Resource - (e.g. non-naughty pop songs, Quizlet)
  • A Language Skill - (e.g. coordinating conjunctions, past perfect progressive, asking for directions)

You will have 2--3 hours of TW time to research this, develop some tentative lesson materials, and prepare a mini-presentation for next week.   This will be an opportunity for you to frame the challenge, share your thinking and findings, and discuss possibilities in class -  not just 'Here's this awesome thing I've done.  Aren't I wonderful?!" but also "Here's what I've done and/or been thinking about.  Any questions, comments, or ideas?"

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Oh, I’d like to try ‘x’ in my class, but just don’t have the time”? Now you do :)

First, we will brainstorm possibilities  Please work together to list as many interesting TW topic options as possible and list them on our Group brainstorm Docs.

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